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Willow:The Kitten Sous Chef November 6, 2011

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our daily cooking routine



A Chocolate Cake Cure All October 26, 2011

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You ever have one of those days, weeks, even months when nothing seems to go right and you can’t seem to catch a break? Well, that’s the week I’ve been having. Nothing life threatening to report (unless you count breaking your cell phone).

When I get stressed or down I like to bake, drink hard cider or read. Sometimes I try to combine all three. That’s fun to watch.

Writing this post has even become stressful….

kitten attack while blogging sneak attack by a kitten while blogging.

So before I loose an eye, I am going to go eat this spiced double chocolate cake, drink some hard cider and attempt to read A Clash of Kings.


Meet the Chefs September 28, 2011

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Hi friends! We are Alana and Millie. We live in an apartment in Washington, DC, which we think really exhibits the vibrant character of our city. We have a classic exposed brick wall, a kitchen with room for a breakfast bar (if only stools were on sale), and a few ants and mice. Oh yeah, and our ceiling leaks sometimes.


Basically, our house has as much character as we do.


We also have a kitten, Willow! Willow likes to do your normal kitten things, like chase after string, cuddle, and climb everything. She also LOVES to cook.


We don’t have fancy equipment or a ton of space, we go to the grocery store with coupons and only buy what’s on sale (unless it’s an emergency, like fig season or red pepper flakes), and we’re really bad at following recipes exactly.


We live in what I like to call a “transitional” neighborhood. I could write pages reflecting on what it’s like to be a white 20-something in a gentrifying city, the mingled tension and guilt as we contemplate our presence in this neighborhood in which we stand out at every turn.


But… I’d rather talk about food.


Join us as we tackle ambitious quasi-vegetarian cuisine, baked goods, and urban life. We can’t promise anything gourmet, but we can guarantee that our attempts will be fun.  Also, LOTS of kitten pictures.