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French Onion Soup October 4, 2011

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It feels weird to be writing this post on a Friday, when I’m contemplating cheap wine and greasy Chinese take out for dinner, with the windows open and late afternoon sun pouring in. It’s a beautiful, lazy fall day (maybe the “lazy” just comes from my post-work armchair station), and it’s hard to remember how bleak it was earlier this week.

But it was. Monday was cold and rainy. I think I wore a coat to work.

It was a soup day.

On Tuesday, when I ate the French onion soup leftovers for lunch, I declared, “This is the best thing I’ve EVER made!”

On Wednesday night, when I had them again, I said the same thing.

Today, I can barely remember that I ate French onion soup this week. Weird how that can happen, right?

Pretty sure this is still the best thing I’ve ever made. Even though it burned my tongue every time I ate it, once so badly I can still feel it (I guess it WAS only two days ago, though).

Thank you, Smitten Kitchen.

I followed her recipe almost exactly, so I’m not going to copy it here. The only thing I would have changed is I would have caramelized the onions for longer. But I’m impatient and it was a weeknight, okay! Seriously, don’t make this on a weeknight. It took forever. Worth it, but man, I was HUNGRY.

To this recipe I added three garlic cloves, a bay leaf, and a sprig of fresh sage. I grated Swiss and asiago cheese on the top. It was wonderful!

And these are a few of my favorite things.


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