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A Case of the Mondays September 28, 2011

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Monday was a typical day on Park Road. We got home from work a little late and tired, only to find that Willow had peed on Alana’s bed.


Let me explain, because I don’t want to tarnish her name all over the Internet.


Today was Willow’s first full day at home by herself. She likes to walk along the banister of our front staircase, which always makes me nervous, so I decided to try to barricade the hallway to prevent her from going to that part of the apartment.




At some point during the day, Willow had scaled my defenses and made it to the other side. Unfortunately, she couldn’t get back over, where her litter box was. Lesson learned! Cat—you win. The apartment now completely belongs to you.


Then we decided this would be a perfect time to make elaborate dinners.


I decided to make lentil dal, based mostly on this recipe. I had to triple the spices because I’m going through a phase where nothing tastes good unless it burns my tongue off. I also added some cilantro and smoked paprika.


Another lesson learned. I followed this recipe to a T, and had to improve it. Following the recipe doesn’t always work, so maybe I’ve been doing this right all along!


It’s pretty ugly though.




Is it only Monday? I guess it’s going to be one of those weeks. You know, when everything that can go wrong goes terribly wrong. Like when one of of your students rubs his “itchies,” which turns out to be poison ivy, all over you. Or when you try to wash your bedding, that a sweet little kitty peed on, only to find out that your duvet doesn’t fit in your tiny city style washer and dryer. Yeah, it’s going to be that kind of week.


Knowing all of this I decided to cook not one but two dinners last night, I question my sanity sometimes.


Dinner one actually turned out quite delicious. Homemade pizza dough topped with fig jam, goat cheese, arugula, prosciutto and other Italian cheese. I had one too many slices which my bridesmaid dress probably won’t be too happy about.



Dinner two, which was supposed to be dinner/lunch for the rest of the week, became a flavorless failure. Fresh tomato soup aka tomato water.


I don’t even have a picture because I left it out over night by accident and had to dump it all down the drain.


womp womp


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